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The Bodies in these photos were made up by the technique of Shironuri.
Shironuri, meaning white painting, is a way of making up with Japanese oil ( bintuke-abura ) as base and white face powder, and is used in wedding in Japanese traditional style and a Kabuki performance.

Because I learned how to make up at a make-up school, I did Shironuri make-up on taking these photos, but I seldom make up models when I take a shot of business. After being estranged from making up for a while, when I had an opportunity to do Shironuri, the body painted white happened to enchanted me unexpectedly. Since then I have been engaged in taking pictures of human bodies painted white.

It is interesting that the origin of make-up is religious rites or enchantment. In my photos, white painting works a bit of black magic on bodies and has an effect of simplifying the elements of the object.

My works are sized 120 x 150 (cm). It is regrettable that they look small and discolorized in this home page. I wish you could see the originals. These are some works other than sited here and I hope I will be able to show you them someday.

For me, my works are the part of the Space and at the same time, the Entire that is expanding eternally. These works were made as it might be.

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