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statement : about my work

When we think about on which part of the objects we are really interested in, we have to get rid of the facts not so important. For example, appearance is one of the main elements of the human charm. But the appearance or impression is easily changed by many facts: the condition of their bodies and souls, attire, make-up, situations if which we met. It is interesting to think about and see objects with taking care not to be influenced by such facts.

A photograph is one of the instruments. To say in a more becoming word for me, it is a magic mirror reflecting the truth. My works are the symbols of my real intention led by the mirror or embodiments of my inner World. To take a shot is to have a conversation with myself on what I want to see, what I am interested in, what I am really longing for and what ever it does mean.

Although works are originally for myself, I would like to know what kind of impressions they make upon other people. I would appreciate if you would give me your impressions on them.

I consider my works as a visual language. Though they are finely finished, they are not required nor inevitable to be beautiful. I do not intend to seek for beauty, but look for what appeals to me in the depth of my mind through creating works;

"To be in quest of the Truth"

I would like to look into the core after eliminating such decorative parts as the good quality of the prints or evenness of the white powder, that is, the beauty on the surface.

Naoyuki Iitaka

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