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In exhibitions, the surroundings are one of the most important elements.

The pieces of work of mine need, especially, the open space.
I got may images into shape, the computer graphics above and I have been looking for a gallery like that for a long time. But unfortunately, I have not succeeded in finding it until now; every gallery I visited was far from my ideal. I will appreciate your informing me if you would know the place like the above.

Sounds are also needed.
A cappella by my friend, YAYOI, made the room into the better "Space".
(AIFF 277k)

La Collezione, which I rented as a gallery for may private exhibition is a multiple purpose room in the third floor of "Collezione" designed by one of the leading Japanese architects, Mr.Tadao Ando. Although it does not have a higher ceiling than I expected, it is located in a place very quiet, lovely and easy of access. But what attracted me above all, was the interesting structure of that building.

On selecting a gallery, what I had to think about was on which I should lay stress, the fitness in the atmosphere of my works or location to have a large attendance.(It's better if they stand together.)

My photos are independent of where to be placed, but if they are shown, I would like to try to construct the World for them.

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